Friday, September 1, 2023

Sept - Finishing the Doll House Quilt

We are putting the finishing touches on the Doll House Quilt by Amy Bradley this month.  

First thing to do is to quilt it.  You can quilt in any way you want.  The only challenging part is about how to quilt where the pockets are.  You just need to quilt inside the pocket as far as you can go.  This adds a bit of a challenge to your quilting, but you can do it.

Here are some pictures of how I did the quilting.  It was fun to do a variety of quilting designs.

Next you can sew on the rest of the buttons.  I found it helpful to sometimes put a small dab of Elmers glue on the back of the buttons and place them where I wanted them and then sewed them on.  Especially places like the flower boxes where the buttons were in specific  places.  The glue holds them in place until you can get them sewn on.

Last, sew on the binding and a hanging sleeve.  You might want to personalize the quilt with a label on the back.  If you made the quilt for a daughter/granddaughter, or someone else, you really should add a label with your name and date and any other information you want.

Hope you love your houses!

It's hard to get a good full photo of the doll house.  Here's one I took outside

Here is a photo of my sister Jody's quilt top.  She's been a trooper and kept up with making a block or two each month!

My Friend Ande had made the Doll House Quilt earlier and she let me take a couple photos of her finished quilt.

I love how you can personalize your quilt.  Ande added lots of cats to her house and she even made a music room with a piano!

This post is the final one on making the doll house quilt.  I will have one more post next month about some of the dolls and animals that will fit in the pockets.  Stay tuned!

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  1. This is adorable, Connie! My granddaughter is 14 now and out of this stage or I would definitely try to make her one! LOL They grow up too quickly!