Friday, December 20, 2019

String the Lights

My quilt String the Lights is on the cover of the November/December Love of Quilting Magazine

 This was a fun quilt to make with lots of scrappy plaids.  I had fun quilting trees in the borders to hake this a fun holiday lap quilt.

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Monday, December 2, 2019

3 D Challenge

Okay, this post starts with a puzzle.  Can you guess what this is?

 Here's another clue.

 Know what it is yet?  Here's one more clue

 Did you guess it?  These are sweet little thread catchers.

I found this pattern on pinterest and thought it was so cute.  You can find the pattern on Pinterest if you look under Thread Catchers (this link also has a link at the end to a video that is helpful). I'm not giving detailed directions because there are good directions there.  There is even a video on how to make them.  I thought this would be great to make for the Dec. Island Batik 3 D Challenge this month.

These are very simple- only one sewn seam and the rest is all hand sewing.  If you like hand sewing- it's a great project to make.  I decided I wanted to make these as gifts for my local quilt guild ladies (12 in all) so it ended up being a LOT of hand sewing in a short amount of time!

All it takes is one piece of fabric and a 1/2" slice from a Pringles can.  Cutting the slice from the  Pringles can was actually the hardest part.  You sew up the long side of the fabric, press both ends under 1/4" and slide the cardboard circle up the middle.
*thanks to Island Batik for the fabrics for this project supplied thru the Island Ambassador Program

Then you fold the fabric back over the cardboard and line it up with the other edge.

You cut out two cardboard circles and two circles of batting and two larger fabric circles.

Of course I had to multiply everything by 12.....

You put the batting on a cardboard circle and then sewed around a fabric circle, but the cardboard and batting inside and made it like you do a yoyo.

You sew one finished fabric circle to the bottom lining and turn it out (see video and/or pinterest pattern) and sew the other circle on - all by hand as I said before.

When it is all sewn, your little thread catcher stands up.

You can put it beside your sewing machine to catch any little threads or scraps.  This is especially nice to take to classes or retreats.  When you are finished and ready to go- all you need to do is twist the top and bottom and collapse the bottom into the cardboard rim.  All your threads are contained inside, so it's all nice and cleaned up and ready to go!

Here's another look at my group of thread catchers all ready for Christmas.  Aren't the colors yummy!

If you want to make a quick gift for a quilter in your life- these are great!