Thursday, July 30, 2015

Last Day Our Favorite Things Blog

Today is the last day of Our Favorite Things Blog Hop Tour.
Today's stop is:  Happy Cottage Quilter.

I've enjoyed seeing everyone's creative spaces.  If you've missed a day- be sure to check out the list and see them all.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Our Favorite Things Blog Post

Welcome to day 15 of Our Favorite Things Blog Hop Tour with the Ambassadors for Island Batik.  I've been enjoying the blog posts each day, and today is my day to show you my sewing area and some of my favorite things.

Here is a look at my sewing area from one side of our family room.  

My family has been really kind in letting me use about half of our family room for quilting.  I think they've even gotten used to the hum of the sewing machine- even when watching tv!  However- if anyone knows of a company that makes really quiet machines- let me know!

The wood cabinets along the bottom of the far wall were made by my father-in-law.  They used to store the kids games, but now are exclusive for fabric!  I think they are really beautiful and love that they hide my fabric now.

The two mini quilts above the fireplace are from my new book Little Gems by Martingale Publishers.

On the right side above the wood cabinets are three smaller plastic shelves for thread.  The two shelves above that are my quilting books, current business/project files, etc.  Behind the rolling quilt chair is my ironing board- I love being able to sew, turn around and press!

Across from the sewing machine on the left is  my cutting table that has a couple drawers and shelf space.  A file cabinet fits under one side for business files and a small wooden cart on the other side for mis. items like ribbons, papers for foundation piecing, cameras, etc.  On top of the cutting table is a stack of beautiful Island Batik fabrics that you'll see more of in the Island Batik Blog Hop in August.

And - the floor!  Yes, that is my layout/design area.  You can see a work in process. I make a quilt that incorporates the design of our local Quilt Garden each year. The garden quilts are displayed in our local Welcome Center adjacent to the garden.  This is the quilt for this year - still in process.  Did I tell you how great my family is about my quilting?  Everyone just steps around my projects (not ON them of course!)

Here's a photo of my ironing area behind my sewing machine.  I bought two - three drawer plastic units for fabric and bought a board for on top and covered it with batting and muslin.  Lowes had a board just the right size already precut.   This works wonderfully!  Beside this I have an Ott Light that I can turn when I iron, or turn back when I'm sitting in the rocking chair.

Here's a peek inside the cabinets by the fireplace.  Lots of plastic storage boxes for fabric.  Okay- I admit it doesn't usually (ever) look this nice.  It usually has stacks of fabric in front of all the boxes!  Sometimes it's fabric to put back in the boxes and sometimes (usually) there just isn't enough room in the boxes...

My sewing machine cabinet is one of my favorite things.  I designed it and had a local Amish man make it for me.  The machine is recessed so the sewing bed is level with the table.  It has sides that extend on the left side and all across the back.  To the right are plastic shelves that store my small fabric scraps.  Another unit is to the left under the table.  Wonder what that old phone book is for on the floor?  It's to put your left foot up on while you're sewing - one of those ergonomic tips I picked up somewhere...

Another one of my favorite things is the wooden display case my husband and I found at a consignment shop.  It holds a lot of quilts.  Other finished quilts are stored upstairs in a couple closets upstairs.  My batting is stored in the basement.

Opposite the fireplace is our computer.  In case you're wondering, no, we don't use the fireplace!  We also have a couch beside the rocker and a TV/stereo beside the display case.

My space is small, but it's nice to be where all the family activity is when the kids are home.  One drawback with a small room is that it gets messy pretty quick!  Luckily I was one of the later ones to post on this blog hop, so I had some time to clean up!  My sewing machine is seldom ever totally cleared off like this.  I think it lasted a day until I had projects spread out again!  Even though I cleaned up for the photos, I still noticed 7 projects in process laying around (I counted them).  I can't seem to ever just do one thing at a time...

Here's the list of stops on the blog hop again.  If you've just started the hop- be sure and go back and check out the other days.  It's great to see how everyone can transform a special spot to be creative in!

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07/27 –  Connie Kauffmann of Kauffmann Designs
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07/29 – Carol Steely of Funthread Designs, LLC

Now that you've seen the sewing areas of the Island Batik Ambassadors- stay tuned for the next Blog Hop with Island Batik starting Aug 17th  called Summer in the Country and see what we've all done with their Summer fabric lines!


Monday, July 13, 2015

Our Favorite Things Blog Tour

The Island Batik Ambassador's are hosting a blog hop. Each day a different blogger will invite you into her studio and share one of her favorite things in her studio. Here's the line-up with links to the blogs:

July 13
July 14
July 15
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July 27
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July 29

I don't know about you, but I love to see how other quilter's have set up their sewing area.  You can often pick up a good idea or two- or three...

Today is day one at .  Be sure to check it out and stop by everyday to a new site.  My day isn't until the 27th - and I need every minute to clear the clutter so I can take a decent photo!