Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wedding Blessings

This past year has been full of wonderful events, but the biggest blessing was the wedding of our daughter this past November.  This isn't a quilting post, but I thought it would be good to mention what has taken up much of my time this past year, and some of the wonderful experiences I've had.

I was so blessed to be able to share with my daughter in the wedding planning.  From her dress to arranging flowers, to decorating the reception hall...What fun we had planning, shopping and working together.

She was able to find a wonderful buy on a plain satin gown and I was able to add a lace overlay top with beading around the neckline. We added buttons from my wedding dress to the back of her dress for a touch of "something old".  We took embroidery from another dress and added it to hers for a touch of elegance.  The end result was lovely and it was one of a kind, suited just for her.

So many memories and I treasured each moment we had together getting everything ready.

The wedding day went off without a hitch- except for the 7" of snow that came to add a little more drama to the day!

Here's a photo of the happy couple

I hope your year was also full of many wonderful memories.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

You Can Quilt Blog Hop

Welcome to day 6 of the You Can Quilt! Blog Hop.  Today I'm introducing you to the Chapter on Improvisation.  This was a fun chapter and I think you'd enjoy making these three  blocks - I did!

To start with, I picked 6 lovely new fall fabrics from Island Batik.  The top three are from the line Sea Salt Sandy.   The bottom three are from the line Lavish.   I thought these bright cheerful fabrics went well with the fun improvisational blocks I was going to make.  I also used a white Island Batik fabric called Baker's Dozen - Flour for the background in two blocks.

The first block I made was a string block.  this is a good block for a beginner, or anyone wanting to make some fast blocks.  It's a great block to use up scraps of strips you might have laying around.

 After you make one block, you make three more and sew them all together into one big block- quick and easy!

The strips can be different widths in each block.  I made each color strip the same size.

The blocks in the book are made to be a 12" x 12" finished block.  This makes a large block and is very easy to make.

Since I only made three of the blocks from the book- not the whole quilt, I have to admit that I took some liberties of the size of the blocks I made.  To you - the viewer-  my blocks may look 12 1/2" x 12 1/2", but I actually made the blocks all 6 1/2" x 6 1/2".  Over the years I've make a lot of sample blocks and I don't like to have them just laying around. I finally wised up and decided any sample blocks I make, I will make into hot pads!  That way they get used and don't lay around forever in a box.

Here is the string block made into a handy hot pad.  I used Insul-Bright Batting from The Warm Company and one layer of cotton batting for the inside of the hot pad.

 The second block  in the chapter is called the Asterisk Block.  This block was really fun to make.  The instructions are very good, and it's very easy- just make sure you line up the rows before sewing.
 Here is a photo of the second strip sewn on, with a cut thru the block.  The book has very good step by step visuals.  Then I sewed on the red strip, and then the yellow strip.

I made this into a hot pad also.  Photos of the front and back.

 The third block I made was the House and Tree Block.  This is a cute block, and you can have fun picking out different fabrics for the house and tree and grass.  This would be cute on a kids quilt.

Here is a photo of the finished block.  This block is actually on the back of the String Pieced block, so the hot pad has the String Pieced block on one side and the House and Tree block on the other side.

As mentioned earlier, the instructions for these blocks are very clear.  There are good visual step by step photos and lots of tips.

Thanks to Island Batiks for the fun fabrics to use in this blog hop.  Check their website to see all the great new fabrics coming out this fall.

AQS  is excited to present their ultimate beginning quilting handbook- You Can Quilt!  You can purchase it here:

Be sure to follow all the other posts for the You Can Quilt Blog Hop

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For the contest with this blog, Island Batik is offering a fabric bundle and AQS is offering a physical copy of the book to 4 lucky winners.  To enter, be sure to post a comment to my blog and enter the rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, October 9, 2015

You Can Quilt! Blog Hop

The You Can Quilt Blog Hop starts today!  This is a great hop- especially for those of you who are beginning quilters.  Check out the bloggers each day and be sure to enter the drawing for a free You Can Quilt! book and bundle of some of the new Fall Island Batik fabric!

 Bloggers are by Date, Chapter, Name, Blog

Oct. 9 – Ch. 1. Basics - Leila Gardunia - co-author -

Oct. 12 – Ch. 2. HST - Tammy Silvers

Oct 14 – Ch 3. QST - Connie Kresin Campbell

Oct. 16 – Ch 4. Flying Geese - Maryellen McAuliffe

Oct 19 -- Ch. 5. Wonky - Christine McCrann Martinez

Oct. 21 – Ch. 6. Improvisation - Connie Kauffman

Oct. 23 -- Ch. 7. Foundation Paper Piecing - Joan Kawano

Oct. 26 – Ch. 8. Curves - me! - Marlene Oddie

Oct. 28 -  Ch 9. One-Patch Blocks - Bea Lee

Oct. 30 – Ch. 10. Applique - Barbara Gaddy 

Nov. 2 – Ch. 11. Inset Seams - Pamela Boatright

Nov. 4 – Ch. 12. Challenge Blocks - Linda Stewart Pearl http://

Nov. 6 – Ch. 13. finishing – I'll share a variety of ways to finish off your blocks that aren't covered in the book.

Monday, September 21, 2015

More Little Gems

My friend Mary Ebert made this cute quilt from my book Little Gems.  This pattern was called Playing with Plaids.  She made it with pastel gingham plaids and white fabrics.  So sweet!

Thanks for sharing the photo Mary!

Monday, September 14, 2015

More Little Gems

I  love to see what quilts other people are making from my book Little Gems.
Brenda has made this little beauty-  the Star Burst pattern.

And this one called Spinner

This was her first paper piecing project- great job Brenda!  Isn't her Ackfeld Wire stand wonderful!  Now that she's made two projects- she only has 14 more to go!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Summer in the Country Blog Hop winner

The Summer in the Country Blog Hop winner for  my blog is Appleblossom.  A pattern for Popsicles is coming your way!

Hope you've enjoyed all the blog postings of patterns, recipes and prizes!

This winner was chosen by

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer in the Country Blog Hop

Today is my day to share on the Summer in the Country Blog Hop.  There is nothing more fun than to receive a package of beautiful Island Batik fabric and to be asked to make something with it. The fabrics we (the Island Batik Ambassadors) are showing you in this blog hop are brand new- hot of the press- appearing in stores this August. This time we were to be inspired by summer and fun in the country.  Isn't their logo cute with the barn and windmill!  So many ideas...
The fabrics I worked with are from the Flower Fields line. 
PNG Image

Aren't they yummy!  
Click here to go to the Island Batik website and see all the Flower Fields collection in true color.
We were asked to design something that had a "summer in the county" feel to it.  When I think of summer, I think of cool and refreshing things like ice cold lemonade, ice cream, popsicles or frozen desserts of all kinds.
For my summer fun project I made a little table topper called Popsicles. This is a simple paper pieced block pattern.  I used four of the Strawberry Fields fabrics (the four on the left) and added a white background and a basics green fabric- both from Island Batik.  I just had to have that lime color to have the four basic popsicle colors!  Does it make your mouth water?  It's been in the 90's here lately, so a Popsicle sounds good!

Another cold and refreshing dessert I like in the summer is called Freezer Cherry Delight.  This recipe is easy to make, only has 4 ingredients and you can make it ahead and have it in the freezer for whenever you have company.  Give it a try!

Freezer Cherry Delight
     1 can cherry pie filling
     1 can Eagle Brand condensed milk
     1 can crushed pineapple- drain 1/2 liquid
     1 container Cool Whip.
Mix all together, spread in pan, cover and freeze.  
Remove, cut and let thaw awhile before serving.

*My giveaway is a free pattern for Popsicles.  Leave a comment with your favorite popsicle flavor or memory.  I'll draw a winner with after the hop on Sept 7.

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the hop.  Be sure and stop by and visit each day!
8/17 – Island Batik
8/18 – KISSed Quilts – Part 1
8/19 – Kauffman Designs
8/20 – Adele Mogavero
8/21 – MooseStash Quilting
8/22 – Pamela Quilts
8/23 – Freemotion by the River
8/24 – The Patchwork Pearl
8/25 – Fun Threads Designs
8/26 – For Quilts Sake
8/27 – Lemon Tree Snippets
8/28 – Bejeweled Quilts
8/29 – Tamarinis
8/30 – KISSed Quilts – Part 2
8/31 – Beaquilter
9/1 – Purrfect Spots Designs
9/2 – Maria Michaels Designs
9/3 – Mary Mack Made Mine
9/4 – Made In Scraps
9/5 – Happy Cottage Quilter

Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer in the Country Blog Hop

Summer in the Country Blog Hop starts today.  Celebrate summer and see what the Island Batik Ambassadors have created.  Here’s the schedule!
8/17 – Island Batik
8/18 – KISSed Quilts – Part 1
8/19 – Kauffman Designs
8/20 – Adele Mogavero
8/21 – MooseStash Quilting
8/22 – Pamela Quilts
8/23 – Freemotion by the River
8/24 – The Patchwork Pearl
8/25 – Fun Threads Designs
8/26 – For Quilts Sake
8/27 – Lemon Tree Snippets
8/28 – Bejeweled Quilts
8/29 – Tamarinis
8/30 – KISSed Quilts – Part 2
8/31 – Beaquilter
9/1 – Purrfect Spots Designs
9/2 – Maria Michaels Designs
9/3 – Mary Mack Made Mine
9/4 – Made In Scraps
9/5 – Happy Cottage Quilter

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Book Review: Cups & Saucers

It's time for another book review and give-a-way.  The book today is Cups and Saucers by Maaike Bakker.  This is a nice book that is actually a book that was remade from the one that was published in 2000.  That by itself tells you that it's a good book - since it is one that was so popular that they remade it in newer fabrics and published it a second time!

Martingale - Cups and Saucers (Print version + eBook bundle)
Photography by Martingale and photographer Brent Kane

These patterns are all paper pieced.  If you know me by now, you'll know I love to paper piece!  Maaike gives her own methods of how to do paper piecing.  She has a different method than I use in how to prepare and use fabrics to paper piece.  There are often several ways to do any method, and her method may be easier for some people to do, so you might want to check it out.

The patterns are not hard and she has a nice variety of projects you can make.  Several of them are not too large and would make very nice gifts.

This table runner is one of my favorites:

Martingale - Cups and Saucers (Print version + eBook bundle)
Photography by Martingale and photographer Brent Kane

The table runner includes a lot of the different cups and saucer patterns.

The Welcome sign quilt is another one that would make a nice gift for a friend:

Martingale - Cups and Saucers (Print version + eBook bundle)
Photography by Martingale and photographer Brent Kane

I like to try out a pattern- so I made these cute little hot pads.

Now for the give-a-way.  Leave me a comment about one of your favorite cups, saucers or a special dish you may have, and you will be entered into a drawing for a free e-book of Cups and Saucers!
Winner will be picked and contacted on August 15.

Friday, August 7, 2015

More Little Gems

My book Little Gems was published last February.  Since that time I've had several people send me photos of projects they made from the book.  Here are two photos of quilts made from the pattern Red Hots.  My quilt was made using red and white fabrics.

This pink and white beauty is from Elaine Egging.

This little gem is made using Christmas fabrics with sparkles of gold in the fabrics.  This was made by Elaine Wakefield.

Both these ladies are friends in my local quilt guild.  It is wonderful to see the projects made with other fabrics and different colors.  

I'd love to see any quilts that anyone else has made!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Last Day Our Favorite Things Blog

Today is the last day of Our Favorite Things Blog Hop Tour.
Today's stop is:  Happy Cottage Quilter.

I've enjoyed seeing everyone's creative spaces.  If you've missed a day- be sure to check out the list and see them all.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Our Favorite Things Blog Post

Welcome to day 15 of Our Favorite Things Blog Hop Tour with the Ambassadors for Island Batik.  I've been enjoying the blog posts each day, and today is my day to show you my sewing area and some of my favorite things.

Here is a look at my sewing area from one side of our family room.  

My family has been really kind in letting me use about half of our family room for quilting.  I think they've even gotten used to the hum of the sewing machine- even when watching tv!  However- if anyone knows of a company that makes really quiet machines- let me know!

The wood cabinets along the bottom of the far wall were made by my father-in-law.  They used to store the kids games, but now are exclusive for fabric!  I think they are really beautiful and love that they hide my fabric now.

The two mini quilts above the fireplace are from my new book Little Gems by Martingale Publishers.

On the right side above the wood cabinets are three smaller plastic shelves for thread.  The two shelves above that are my quilting books, current business/project files, etc.  Behind the rolling quilt chair is my ironing board- I love being able to sew, turn around and press!

Across from the sewing machine on the left is  my cutting table that has a couple drawers and shelf space.  A file cabinet fits under one side for business files and a small wooden cart on the other side for mis. items like ribbons, papers for foundation piecing, cameras, etc.  On top of the cutting table is a stack of beautiful Island Batik fabrics that you'll see more of in the Island Batik Blog Hop in August.

And - the floor!  Yes, that is my layout/design area.  You can see a work in process. I make a quilt that incorporates the design of our local Quilt Garden each year. The garden quilts are displayed in our local Welcome Center adjacent to the garden.  This is the quilt for this year - still in process.  Did I tell you how great my family is about my quilting?  Everyone just steps around my projects (not ON them of course!)

Here's a photo of my ironing area behind my sewing machine.  I bought two - three drawer plastic units for fabric and bought a board for on top and covered it with batting and muslin.  Lowes had a board just the right size already precut.   This works wonderfully!  Beside this I have an Ott Light that I can turn when I iron, or turn back when I'm sitting in the rocking chair.

Here's a peek inside the cabinets by the fireplace.  Lots of plastic storage boxes for fabric.  Okay- I admit it doesn't usually (ever) look this nice.  It usually has stacks of fabric in front of all the boxes!  Sometimes it's fabric to put back in the boxes and sometimes (usually) there just isn't enough room in the boxes...

My sewing machine cabinet is one of my favorite things.  I designed it and had a local Amish man make it for me.  The machine is recessed so the sewing bed is level with the table.  It has sides that extend on the left side and all across the back.  To the right are plastic shelves that store my small fabric scraps.  Another unit is to the left under the table.  Wonder what that old phone book is for on the floor?  It's to put your left foot up on while you're sewing - one of those ergonomic tips I picked up somewhere...

Another one of my favorite things is the wooden display case my husband and I found at a consignment shop.  It holds a lot of quilts.  Other finished quilts are stored upstairs in a couple closets upstairs.  My batting is stored in the basement.

Opposite the fireplace is our computer.  In case you're wondering, no, we don't use the fireplace!  We also have a couch beside the rocker and a TV/stereo beside the display case.

My space is small, but it's nice to be where all the family activity is when the kids are home.  One drawback with a small room is that it gets messy pretty quick!  Luckily I was one of the later ones to post on this blog hop, so I had some time to clean up!  My sewing machine is seldom ever totally cleared off like this.  I think it lasted a day until I had projects spread out again!  Even though I cleaned up for the photos, I still noticed 7 projects in process laying around (I counted them).  I can't seem to ever just do one thing at a time...

Here's the list of stops on the blog hop again.  If you've just started the hop- be sure and go back and check out the other days.  It's great to see how everyone can transform a special spot to be creative in!

07/13 - Linda Pearl of One Quilting Circle
07/14 – Barbara Gaddy of Bejeweled Quilts by Barb
07/15 – Maryellen McAuliffe of Mary Mack’s Blog
07/16 – Christine Martinez of Made In Scraps
07/17 – Maria Hrabovsky of Maria’s Quilt Scraps and Quilts For Sale 
07/18 – Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis
07/19 – Joan Kawano of Moosestash Quilting
07/20 – Marlene Oddie of Kissed Quilts
07/21 – Nan Baker  of Purrfect Spots Blog
07/22 – Adele Mogavero of
07/23 – Pam Geisel of For Quilts Sake
07/24 – Bea Lee of Beaquilter
07/25 – Connie Campbell of Freemotion by the River 
07/26 – Pam Boatright of Pamela Quilts
07/27 –  Connie Kauffmann of Kauffmann Designs
07/28 – Patti Bochey of Lemon Tree Snippets
07/29 – Carol Steely of Funthread Designs, LLC

Now that you've seen the sewing areas of the Island Batik Ambassadors- stay tuned for the next Blog Hop with Island Batik starting Aug 17th  called Summer in the Country and see what we've all done with their Summer fabric lines!


Monday, July 13, 2015

Our Favorite Things Blog Tour

The Island Batik Ambassador's are hosting a blog hop. Each day a different blogger will invite you into her studio and share one of her favorite things in her studio. Here's the line-up with links to the blogs:

July 13
July 14
July 15
July 16
July 17
July 18
July 19
July 20
July 21
July 22
July 23
July 24
July 25
July 26
July 27
July 28
July 29

I don't know about you, but I love to see how other quilter's have set up their sewing area.  You can often pick up a good idea or two- or three...

Today is day one at .  Be sure to check it out and stop by everyday to a new site.  My day isn't until the 27th - and I need every minute to clear the clutter so I can take a decent photo!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Barn Block

I was asked by the Indiana Barn Foundation to help design a quilt that would have a block from every county in the State.  Quilters around the state are asked to make a block that would represent a barn in their county- either a pictorial view, or part of a barn - like the cupola, the barn door, etc.  There are 92 counties in Indiana- so that's alot of blocks and alot of barns represented!

This quilt will be auctioned off with funds going to the Indiana Barn Foundation which gives loans to farmers so they are able to restore their old barns  and keep this heritage alive.

I said I would also donate a block. I made a block of The Round Barn Theater which is very close to where I live.  This is a round barn that was built in 1911 in Marshall Co. Indiana and moved to Nappanee Indiana in 1991.  The owners of the barn at that time donated the barn to Amish Acres to keep the barn from being destroyed.  The barn became the Round Barn Theater where attendees still enjoy shows and seeing the interior of the barn/theater.

If anyone in Indiana is interested in making a quilt block for this project - contact the Quilt Coordinator at:

Monday, May 25, 2015

Spring Quilt Market 2015

Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis was wonderful!  Here is a display of my book Little Gems with the quilt Red Hots in the Ackfeld Manufacturing booth.  Just look at some of their other great hangers!

Here I am at my book signing with Martingale.  That was really fun.  I got to be up close and personal with the shop owners who came to the signing.  I also did a School House presentation on Thursday.

These are just a couple photos of the Island Batik booth as it is almost ready for Market to start.  I was able to help hang a few quilts and also helped sell fabric at the Sample Spree on Thursday evening.  It was quite the experience- I loved it!

Last two photos I'll post here are the Warm Company booth.  They displayed 6 of my quilted projects in their booth.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring Quilt Market

Okay, here are a few of my piles of quilts as I'm getting ready for Spring Quilt Market.  This is the first time I've gone to Market as a participant, and I've really been looking forward to it. I'll be doing a School House presentation to shop owners and a book signing with Martingale for my book Little Gems. I'll also be helping Island Batik at the Shopping Spree- I'm sure that will be busy and exciting!

As you can see above, I have a bag with projects for Island Batik.  These are covered up as they are actually for the Fall Quilt Market- so no peeking yet!  I also have a pile of quilts that will go up in The Warm Company booth to show projects made with their products.  Then there is a pile of my "Little Gems"  that I'll be showing at the School House.

Sorry my photo is fuzzy, but I'm in a hurry to get everything ready!  I'll be filling you in on more things about Market soon...

Monday, May 4, 2015

Podcast with Pat Sloan

Here's a link to the podcast I was on Monday May 4 with Pat Sloan.  Check it out and listen to about 12 minutes of interview

Friday, May 1, 2015

American Patchwork & Quilting Radio Podcast

Radio Podcast

I was asked by Pat Sloan to be a guest on the American Patchwork & Quilting Radio Podcast this coming Monday May 4 at 4 pm Eastern time.  What an honor!  This will be a short radio interview. You can listen live on your computer, subscribe by itunes (search American Patchwork & Quilting) or download to a player. Live at:  

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Vera Bradley Breast Cancer Raffle Quilt

Here is a photo of the completed Pink Swirls of Hope raffle quilt for the Vera Bradley Breast Cancer Foundation.  The quilt measures 41" x 41".  The printed fabrics are from the new Pink Swirls fabric line by Vera Bradley.  Last Saturday was the first time the quilt was displayed at The Gathering of Quilters in Elkhart Indiana.

The quilt ties in with the Elkhart County Quilt Garden Tour- a free self guided traveling tour of 19 beautiful quilt gardens in the Northern Indiana area.  The garden at Linton's Enchanted Gardens ties in with the floral designs in the fabric and this quilt.  If you are in the Northern Indiana area this summer, be sure to check out these beautiful gardens.  I've been involved with the quilt garden in Nappanee Indiana for the past couple of years.  These gardens are really outstanding!

You can see more info on the quilt gardens here:

If you are interested in a raffle ticket - they are $5 and available from  or 1-888-779-9333

Monday, April 20, 2015

Little Gems Blog Hop Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Little Gems Blog Hop.  I hope you all enjoyed seeing many  projects in the book and those made by the Island Batik Ambassadors out of lovely Island Batik fabrics.  There were lots of chances to win free ebooks, Papers for Foundation Piecing, a 12" Ackfeld Wire stand and beautiful fabric!

The winner from my blog for the free Little Gems ebook was :  Lou
The winner of the 12" Ackfeld Wire Stand was:  Ellee
(Both of the winners have been contacted.  I am waiting for them to contact me with their full contact information. If no information is received within 3 days, new winners will be chosen.)

If you were not a winner of a free ebook and you would like to purchase a book (either an ebook or a hard copy) you can get them at and

Monday, April 13, 2015

Day 6 Little Gems Blog Hop

Today is Day 6 of the Little Gems Blog Hop.  I hope you have been enjoying each days blog.
Today we are highlighting Ackfeld Manufacturiing.  They are the company that makes the lovely wire stands that hold the Little Gem quilts in the book.


I've used these stands in the past and just love them.  They are great to use on a mantel, a dresser, the piano, etc.  Having a stand to display or a wire hanger to hang the quilt makes each quilt stand out in all it's beauty.
Here are a couple different stands that were used in the book.
Images from Little Gems by Connie Kauffman, Martingale, 2015:  used by permission.
Photos by Brent Kane.  All rights reserved.
The stand featured on the cover with the quilt Black & White Delight, is plain with no topper.  You can purchase many stands like this and get a very wide variety of tops to go with the stand. The tops just slide right down on the base.  They can be changed out seasonally or to suit whatever quilt you display.

Martingale - Little Gems (Print version + eBook bundle)
Images from Little Gems by Connie Kauffman, Martingale, 2015:  used by permission.
Photos by Brent Kane.  All rights reserved.
The stands also come with a variety of different color finishes. This quilt: Harbor Lights, shows a stand with a white finish . 

Martingale - Little Gems (Print version + eBook bundle)
Images from Little Gems by Connie Kauffman, Martingale, 2015:  used by permission.
Photos by Brent Kane.  All rights reserved.
The stand holding the quilt Snow on the Mountains shows one of the seasonal tops that can be attached to the base stand.  This stand has a charcoal coating.

Martingale - Little Gems (Print version + eBook bundle)
Images from Little Gems by Connie Kauffman, Martingale, 2015:  used by permission.
Photos by Brent Kane.  All rights reserved.
The quilt Serenity is shown  on a wire hanger.  The hangers also come in a variety of sizes and color coatings.

While the stands in this book are all for 12" x 12" quilts, Ackfeld Wire makes stands in a large variety of sizes and color coatings.  There really is something to go with every quilt.  They also make a wide variety of other products such as:  wall mounts, spool racks, ornament stands, display holders, bell pulls, electrical outlet plates, etc.

Go to their website and check out their large selection of products, and be sure to ask your local stores to carry the Ackfeld stands and hangers.

Leave a comment below to be entered into a drawing for a 12" x 12" Ackfeld Wire quilt stand.  Tell me where you would display your "little gem".

Don't miss any of the daily blogs listed below:

April 8   Quilt- Serenity
April 9
April 10   Quilt- Playing With Plaids
April 11   Quilt- Spinners
April 12   Quilt- Daisy Daze
April 13      Ackfeld Wire hosted by
April 14  Quilt- Forest Fire
April 15   Quilt- Radiance
April 16   Quilt- Star Burst
April 17   Quilt- Tranquility
April 18   Quilt- Cotton Candy

*all winers will be chosen, notified and announced Monday April 20, 2015