Thursday, December 1, 2022

Dec. Doll House Block - Living Room

 It's December and time for a new Doll House block from Amy Bradley's Doll House pattern. This month it is the Living Room.

You can purchase the pattern at anytime if you want to join in and make a block a month with us.
Amy Bradley Designs has this and many other very cute patterns.

Here are my front and back sections for the Living Room.

If you've looked at the pattern photo, you can see that Amy has made all the background fabrics light and the pocket patterns a darker color.

This is one of three rooms that have windows in them.  I used the same fabric for the windows as the sky background so that it looks like you are looking outdoors.

Remember to mark any lines that you need to topstitch.  On this block there are only two lines on the pocket part of the sofa.  Remember to do your buttonhole stitching to both sections before sewing the pocket to the background.

Sewing the pocket on the background section is easy.

You can sew the buttons on the pocket, but save any for the background until after the quilt is quilted.

        Buttons:  Many rooms have buttons.  I lay out the rooms and pick out buttons.  If the buttons go     
        on the pocket section you can go ahead and sew them  on.  If they go on the back section, I put the 
        buttons in the plastic bags I have for each month so that I have them when the quilt is finished.  
        That way I don't  have to go hunt up buttons again and I know what room they go to.

I sewed the living room to the front door and kitchen since that was where I wanted to put them.  Row one done!

It's starting to look like a house!

Feel free to show photos of your house blocks in the comment area below.  If you don't see the comment area you may need to click on "read in browser" and scroll down to the end of the post where it says Comment.

Here is  my sister Jody's Kitchen block.  It's so fun to see the room in different fabrics!

Next month we'll be working on the Sewing Room.

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