Monday, August 1, 2022

Block of the Month - Dollhouse Quilt by Amy Bradley

Have you ever had a pattern that you haven't done, but you keep going back to?  I'm that way with the Dollhouse Quilt by Amy Bradley.  I love all the designs that Amy Bradley Designs has made and I've done a few in the past.  They are so cute and whimsical.  I love the Dollhouse pattern and have considered it several times in the past.

This quilt is a Dollhouse with either 10 or 13 rooms.  Each room/block is made with a pocket that a small doll or "critter" can fit in the pocket.  Dolls can be about 6" tall.  The pieces are fusible applique.  Doesn't this look like it would be hours of fun for a child!

I've never done the quilt mainly because I don't have any grandchildren, or young children in the family to enjoy it. sister Jody was just recently blessed with not one, but TWO beautiful little granddaughters!   So now I have two little grandnieces that might enjoy this quilt in the future!  Jody and I discussed how fun this might be if we each made this quilt together.   We thought it would be fun to take our time and just do one block a month - the girls are still babies and it will be awhile before they can enjoy the quilts anyway.  

The more I thought about it, I thought it would be fun to post it on my blog so anyone that is interested can join in the fun!  Here is the plan.  If you are interested in joining in the fun you will need to purchase the pattern from Amy Bradley Designs.  There is a paper pattern available now, and in the next couple of weeks there will be a downloadable pattern for purchase.  The pattern comes with full size patterns, placement sheets, photos and instructions for both size quilts.

I will not be giving any instructions or patterns, so you must purchase a pattern to work along with me. I will be posting each month on what my sister and I've been doing, maybe some hints or suggestions, and photos of works in progress.  I'm hoping that you will let me know if you are working on the quilt and also post pictures of your work in the comments.  It should be fun!

This month it would be great to purchase your pattern although you can buy the pattern any time and join in the fun any time along the way.  In September I will be doing an overview of the pattern and give an outline of what blocks we will do each month.

The full size pattern with 13 rooms is 48 1/2" x 70 1/2".  The house with 10 rooms is 48 1/2" x 59 1/2".

I don't have any little dolls or critters this size, but Jody has already found some cute ones at garage sales.  It will be fun to be on the look out for some of these this year!

I hope many of you will join in the fun!


  1. That is an adorable pattern. I hope you enjoy making it.

    1. Thanks! I'm already loving it!