Friday, June 18, 2021

Changes with Subscriber list - second try

I spent most of another day trying to set up an account with Mail Chimp to send out my blog posts to all the people who have subscribed to my email list.  The first email from them was sent out this morning with nothing in the body of the email.  Sorry about that!  I missed a couple important steps in the set up.  I HOPE everything is working correctly now!

I hope to make a few more "tweaks" to get everything looking a bit nicer in the future...

If you have previously signed up to get my blog by email, you don't have to do anything on your end.  You will probably get two emails with my blog until the old service (Feedburner) stops sometime in July.  I started this process a bit early in case I had any problems setting things up (and I did!).  Once Feedburner ends their service, you will only get one blog post from me.

Stay tuned to see what all the Island Ambassadors will be making in July!


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