Monday, October 2, 2023

Dolls for the Doll House

 It has been fun making Amy Bradley's Doll House quilt. 

I hope many of you have followed along and made your own doll house.  If you made a quilt I hope you post a photo here in the comments or on Amy's blog for everyone to see.

Today for the last posting, I wanted to show just  a few of the dolls and toys that work well with the quilt.

Here is my teddy welcoming you to the house.

My sister's little sheep  is also welcoming you to the doll house.

More cuteness.   One of my daughter's dolls ready to take a nap.

Bunny playing in the laundry.

Many different toys will fit in the pockets.  This photo shows the size of the ones I took photos of.

My sister Jody's bunny watching tv.

Tiny teddy in the Kitchen.

My sister Jody had a great idea and has little books in her attic pocket!  

My friend Ande had made a doll house quilt earlier.  Here are some of her toys.

That's a lot of cuteness!  I hope all your little ones have fun with this quilt!


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