Wednesday, March 1, 2023

March Doll House Room - Bathrooms

March is the month to make Bathrooms for the Amy Bradley Doll House Quilt.

In Amy's 13 room Doll House there are two bathrooms.  If you are making the 10 room house there is only 1 bathroom.  I'm making the 10 room house with only one bathroom.  If you are making a 13 room house you can make both bathrooms this month.

Isn't that little ducky cute!

Hint:  If you are making 2 bathrooms and even if you have more rooms made ahead, it can save a lot of time if you do the button  hole stitching on all the white pieces at the same time.  Saves you changing thread colors and bobbin threads over and over.

I think I will put the bathroom beside the nursery.

Next month will be the Attic Room.

I hope many of you are following along and making the rooms for your own Doll House.  
Here is my sister Jody's nursery room.

I love the little bunnies on the lower left side!  So cute!

Remember you can purchase the Doll House Pattern at Amy Bradley Designs at any time and join in the fun!  Paper and digital patterns available.

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