Tuesday, November 1, 2022

November Doll House Block

 It's time for the November Doll House block from Amy Bradley Designs Doll House pattern.  This month it is the Kitchen.

Each block gets easier to make.  This one only has one line you need to draw on the background (the light cord) to mark and sew separately.

Here is how I audition fabrics and pin pieces to my foam core board  that I covered with batting.  I can stick the pieces to the board with pins to see how they look.  If I don't like any of the colors, I can make a new piece.  I wasn't sure about the bright pink planter color, but decided to stick with it.

I found it helpful to layer some of my applique pieces on top of an applique pressing sheet with the pattern behind it.  

You can layer the pieces and press them.

After the pieces cool, you can remove the whole piece from the sheet.  Then you can put the whole piece on the fabric background over the diagram sheet and press.  This way there are less pieces to layer all at once.

Here are my front and back pieces.  I haven't done the buttonhole stitching yet.  There will be buttons on the plant, but they need to be attached after the quilt is quilted.

Here I'm sewing the pocket to the background and making the corners.

I went ahead and sewed the kitchen to the front door block since I'd decided to place them side by side like in the pattern.  You can position the rooms any way you like.

If you look closely you can see how much whiter the refrigerator is than the white door frames.  I backed the white fabrics like it suggests in the pattern and it does keep the background colors from showing thru as much and they look whiter.

Remember you can purchase a pattern (paper or digital) from Amy Bradley Designs at any time and join in the fun!

Feel free to post photos of your blocks in the comments as you get them done.  Here is my sister Jody's front door pieces.  It looks great!

Next month will be the Living Room block.  .

Feel free to post photos of your rooms in the comments below- I'd love to see them!


  1. When do you do the top stitching, when you quilt? This is an interesting project, happy stitching!

    1. I do the buttonhole stitching once the pieces are ironed on. The pieces will be quilted around once the quilt is basted.