Tuesday, July 12, 2022

2022 Quilt Garden and Garden Quilt

Nappanee IN is once again part of the 2022 Quilt Gardens & Murals Along the Heritage Trail Tour.  This is a free driving tour thru 6 neighboring towns in Elkhart County. There are 17 quilt inspired gardens, 14 murals and other sites along the way.  This is a great trip - especially when you stop to snack and eat at great places during the day!  This year there are also 23 life size statues by Seward Johnson at many of the locations.  These are so life like that you often think real  people are standing there!

Here is a photo of the Nappanee quilt garden.  This is called Natures Stained Glass.

You can see the Grandmother's Flower Garden mural in the background.  
Here is a photo of the Seward Johnson statue at our garden.

Every year I make a quilt that hangs in the visitor center just behind the garden.  The quilt always has the garden block in the center and I add a border around it.

Here's another photo of a quilt garden.  This garden is also in Nappanee.  I love how the  garden is planted on the ramp up to the barn.  The garden is called Rail Fence Flag and has another one of the Seward Johnson statures beside it.  These make interesting combinations and adds to a fun tour!  If anyone is near Norther Indiana I hope you take a day or two and travel the Garden tour.  The gardens are in full bloom now and look beautiful!

Here is a photo to prove that I helped plant the garden again.   I'm watering plants at the top right.  It takes many hands and is a long day or two- but so worth the effort!

I hope everyone enjoyed the New York Beauty Island Batik Blog Hop last month. The winner from my blog is Dale.  The fabrics are on the way!


  1. The gardens are lovely! You can actually see them. I've posted the Wakarusa garden in the past but didn't get around to it this year.

  2. The gardens are beautiful and the sculptures amazing. Wish I could do the tour!