Thursday, April 7, 2022

Fun with Funky Friends


The April Island Batik Ambassador Challenge is all about stuffed animals made with Pauline McArthur's Funky Friends Factory patterns.  Pauline allowed each of us to select one of her Funky Friends pattern to make this month.  She has a delightful menagerie of all kinds of animal friends- you will want to check them all out here.   It was hard to decide which one to make.

I picked the pattern Puppy Dog Pete.  Pauline's patterns are great.  They progress step by step with helpful hints along the way and many even have a video you can follow which is really helpful.  This pattern had a video and I watched it as well as following the pattern.

I picked out three fabrics from the Island Batik Contempo collection to make my puppy.  I used the Contempo collection for my February Row by Row Challenge.  This has to be one of my favorite collections.  I love the bright colors.

I used Schmetz Microtex needles and Aurifil Thread.  The stuffing came from an old poly pillow. I love using what I have on hand.  I also had two 12 mm safety eyes leftover from other projects, so I was ready to go!

"Did someone say Aurifil Thread?"

The puppy was fun to make.  This is the 5th Funky Friends critter I've made.  The instructions are great.  It is interesting how the arms and legs are stuffed separately and how it all comes together.  I didn't take any pictures when I was working on the puppy. You tend to stay focused on the steps and the fun of seeing it all come together, and photos don't even come to mind.

Puppy dog Pete likes to hang around the couch.

He also keeps me company while I work on the computer.

If you'd like to make a cute little stuffed animal for yourself or a loved one- be sure and check  out the Funky Friends Factory patterns!

The other Ambassadors will be posting their Funky Friends this month.  You can check out their blogs below

2022 Island Batik Ambassadors


  1. Those floppy ears and the cute upright tail melted my heart!!!

  2. Puppy Pete is adorable! Your photos made me wish I had picked Pete as well--he's so cute! I love his ears.

  3. What a cutie! I want to make a puppy, too! I love the way he turned out. Have a great day!


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