Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Corona Time Fillers

I'm sure many of you like myself are staying safe and staying home these days.  So how are you spending your extra time?

I try to complete a UFO (unfinished objects) whenever I get caught up with deadlines and have some free time.  Last month I finished this wall quilt.

I'm embarrassed to say this was a fat quarter guild challenge from 2008!  I was surprised that I had already basted it.  I couldn't decide how to quilt it at the time, and it sat unfinished for years.  Now that I'm using Westalee quilting rulers, I pulled some out and fairly quickly had this project finished.

It doesn't have a name yet- any suggestions?

I also came across a couple orphan blocks.  I like to turn miscellaneous, leftover blocks into hot pads.  This is a quick and easy project.  Wouldn't we all like some new hot pads?

There has been so much to watch online these days.  Many blogs and videos with things to see and learn.  My sister and I decided to join online watercolor classes by Anna Mason.  You might want to check out her online school.  I think her paintings are amazing.

Here are a couple of the paintings I've done with her classes.

It's always great to learn a new skill!

What will you work on today?

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  1. my name for the quilt would be "Color me Happy". it is cheery and colorful. I, too, have been working on UFP. I had 18 projects I had pieced but hadn't quilted yet. I have 15 done since march 5th.I am having fun learning to use the Westalee rulers on these items. Mary E