Friday, July 15, 2016

Christmas in July

Whooo's thinking of Christmas in July?
 The Island Batik Ambassador's challenge for this month was Christmas In July

Our fabrics for this challenge were from the Holiday Happenings collection
This is a lovely collection- but the fabrics I was given were the darker brown blends, with some purple, black and golds - not what I usually work with for Christmas quilts.  
So I thought and thought....Finally decided if I was really going to work on Christmas projects in July, I'd probably be working on gifts.  After more thinking and thinking about my colors and what kind of gifts to make with them,  I finally decided to make pincushions!  Falling back to ideas on Pinterest- I found this cute little owl pincushion.  Only three fabric pattern pieces and one cardboard circle.

I started with one owl to test the pattern, then proceeded to make him a bunch of friends...

I couldn't resist posing them a couple different ways.  The fabric colors worked great to make these cute little woodland creatures!

This pattern was really quick and easy- a great project for little gifts.  Make a few!


  1. Love this! Adorable, and I love how you've posed them.

  2. So whimsical!! I love them - the entire family!! Thanks for the fun post :)

  3. Where do we get the pattern?

    1. I found it on Pinterest. In the search line, type in owl pincushions and several posts come up. The one I did has a few purple and green owls and shows the three patterns. There are no instructions, but there are measurements on the patterns. I wasn't sure about my patterns when I made them because they were so small! But they turned out okay. I didn't think my owls were as chubby as the photo. Good luck!

  4. they are a HOOT! I want one! -you know I collect owl pincushions :)
    do list the link to pinterest.

  5. Oh my gosh these are just too cute!

  6. Now that will make anyone them