Saturday, July 2, 2016

2016 Quilt Garden Quilts

With summer comes the lovely Quilt Gardens in Northern Indiana.  I've been privileged to make a quilt representing the Nappanee Welcome Center's quilt garden for several years.  Because this is Indiana's Bicentennial - all the quilt gardens on the tour ( 19 gardens and many quilt murals) selected traditional quilt blocks for the gardens.  The Nappanee Welcome Center selected the Whirligig pattern.

Here is a photo of the garden in full bloom - it's really lovely.

photo courtesy of the Nappanee Welcome Center facebook
And here is a photo of the quilt.  I always add a border around the central garden quilt block design.
This year Ande Stephens quilted the quilt.  You can't see the quilting, but in the borders she added a torch from the Indiana flag, the Indiana State Bird- Cardinals, Indiana's State flower- the Peony and the dates of the bicentennial.  Just beautiful quilting!

The quilt is available for view in the Nappanee Welcome Center located behind the garden.  As an added bonus this year- all the quilts from past gardens are also on display.                                      

I've also  made a quilt for Lintons Enchanted Garden for the past three years.  This quilt is made using some of the current Vera Bradley fabrics and the quilt is offered as a raffle with the money going towards breast cancer research.  This year  Linton's garden block design was the traditional Card Trick pattern.  Here is a photo of their lovely garden.
photo courtesy of the Nappanee Welcome Center facebook
This is a photo of my quilt called Playing With a Full Deck.  I named it this in case anyone counted how many "cards" are on the quilt.  If they counted - it may not add up correctly - until you look on the back where I added enough cards to make a full deck!

If you are interested in touring the quilt gardens, you can find more information at:
The gardens are a lovely way to spend a day or two and enjoy the added attractions in Northern Indiana

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