Saturday, July 1, 2023

July Doll House - Bedrooms

 It's July and time for the last installments of the rooms for Amy Bradley Dollhouse quilt.

This month the room is the Bedrooms.  In Amy's full house with 13 rooms, there are actually 3 bedrooms.  There is a room with a full bed and a little girl and little boys room.  The girl and boy room are very similar.  If you are making a 10 room house, you will probably only make one or two of the bedrooms.

I decided to just make one bedroom.  Mine is for a little girl.  

It turned out so sweet.  I sewed the buttons on the pocket before sewing the pocket to the background.  There will be another button on the flower on the headboard once the quilt is quilted.

This room fills up the last space for my 10 room doll house.

Now I'm excited to put the rows together.  

Next month will be more about assembling the rooms, adding the roof and side borders and assembling the quilt top.


  1. I can not find this pattern...I go to the site and pattern is not listed there. Please help

  2. It's odd that my link doesn't connect. The pattern is still for sale. Try going to the Amy Bradley Designs website and typing in Dollhouse. Or try this link
    I'm sorry that I can't respond directly to you Anonymous, so I'm hoping you look back on this post.