Thursday, June 1, 2023

June Doll House - Office

 Time for a new room in the Amy Bradley Doll House Quilt.  

This month it is the Office.

I changed up a few colors in this block.  I made my computer gray with a black screen to match  my own computer colors.  I also made my desk look a little more like wood- but still keeping the colors light.  Another cute block!

This block I'm putting in the middle row of my rooms on the right side.

Here is my sister Jody's laundry room.  Isn't it cute!  I can't wait to see all her rooms put together.

Only one room to go!  Next month will be Bedrooms.

If you are making this quilt- how are you coming along?  It's really looking like a house now, so I'm getting anxious to get it all together.  Remember you can purchase a pattern at any time at Amy Bradley Designs.  While you are there be sure and check out all of her other cute patterns.

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