Monday, May 1, 2023

May Amy Bradley Laundry Room

 The Amy Bradley Doll House Quilt has the cutest laundry room.  Here is my creation.

There are a lot of little pieces of laundry in the laundry basket!  Nice to use up some itty bitty scraps!  This laundry basket works a lot easier if you use an applique sheet and fuse the basket pieces all together into one piece that you can place on the pocket background fabric.

The little hangers are sewn on with a straight stitch in black thread.  They look great.  I picked a fabric with not a lot going on for the background as I wanted the hangers to show up.   I like the fabric I picked for the glass in the washer and dryer.  It sort of looks like things swishing around.

I'm putting this block beside the Sewing Room.

Here is my sister Jody's attic room.  I just LOVE it!  She is so creative and thinks out of the box.  I love the book shelf fabric she picked for the background.  And look at those books stacked up on the floor!  Her trunk is lovely and she even designed her own stool and light so that you can sit and read!  I'd like to visit her cozy attic and pick out a book or two!   Like I said - she is very creative!

Next month will be the Office.  We are making our way to building the Doll House.  Only a few blocks to go!

You can purchase the Doll House  pattern at Amy Bradley Designs at any time.  Paper and digital patterns available.

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