Monday, April 3, 2023

Amy Bradley Doll House Attic Block for April

April is time for the Attic Room in the Amy Bradley Doll House Quilt .

You may have wondered why I didn't post this room last as it's the attic and I think most people will put it at the top of the house.  The reason was that this room didn't have as many small pieces.

A surprise with this block was the sewing model form.  You can't see it in the photo because there is a critter in the box in front of it!

Like all the blocks, it was fun picking out the colors for this block.

It will go at the top of my house.  My foam core board isn't big enough for all the blocks!

Feel free to post photos of your blocks in the comments- we'd  love to see what everyone is making.

Next month will be the Laundry Room.

Here is my sister Jody's cute bathroom

*Remember you can purchase the  pattern at Amy Bradley Designs at any time and join in the fun!
Paper and digital patterns available.

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