Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Sewing with Rayon

(Above is Pastel Romance one of the 46 Rayon prints  by Island Batik)

Island Batik often sends the Island Batik Ambassadors a couple yards of their rayon fabrics.  If you haven't seen their collection of rayon fabrics, be sure and check them out by clicking here.   They have a beautiful array of colorful prints.

I had a couple rayon fabrics that I loved, but never knew what to do with them.  I haven't sewn clothing for years, but I looked for a pattern for a top that I liked.  I looked for a long time and struggled on finding the correct size in the pattern.  It's not easy! 

I finally found a pattern I liked and thought I could handle.  It is McCalls' M7629.  I think it is a discontinued pattern, but I was able to get it online.  

Here are the tops I made

I struggled to get the pattern to actually fit.  After some adjusting, I'm happy with the fit.  Luckily I even had buttons to match!

The rayon fabric was easier to sew with than I thought it would be.  It does shift a bit more than cotton, but it was manageable with pins.  I had lovely matching Aurifil thread to sew with.

The purple fabric is called Wisteria and the multicolored one is called Dragonflies.  Unfortunately for you- these prints are no longer available, but there are many others that are lovely!

It might be time for you to sew a project with rayon.  These fabrics are great for cool summer outfits.  I hope you give it a try!


  1. Great job! Love the pattern you picked. I have to use my rayons, too.

  2. Connie, these tops look great! I love them both, especially the one with dragonflies. I bet they are nice and cool in this hot weather!

  3. Connie...you are inspiring. What great shirts that you can dress up or down. Love them.

  4. Wow! These came out beautifully. You look great!

  5. Great job on these blouses! I have 2 to use someday from my time as an ambassador and finally may have a simple jacket to make on into. Giving me an incentive as I love seeing them used.