Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Rayon Jacket

I don't do much garment sewing anymore.  I never felt like I was really good at it, and haven't much lately.  In the first box of fabrics from Island Batik for the Ambassadors this year there was a 2 yard piece of lovely Forest Fern Rayon fabric.  Rayon is lightweight and not as stable as cotton- it tends to shift around when you are working with it.  Last year I made a top from Rayon, but I wasn't excited about working with this piece, so I gave it to a friend  -  Elaine Mast who is great at garment sewing.  I also thought the color suited her.  (see the bundle of fabric- the red is a lovely rayon scarf).

She surprised me this summer when she made a jacket to go with an outfit and entered it in the Elkhart County Fair in Elkhart IN!  Here she is modeling it on the red runway.

 It looks great.  She did an amazing job and earned a blue ribbon from the Fair.   Thanks Elaine!


  1. Beautiful jacket Connie, your friend's work is great!

  2. I love it. I have wanted to make one with mine, but unsure of pattern. Do you knwo what one she used?