Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Summer 2019 Island Batik Unboxing

Once again it is "Unboxing Time!"  That's the special time twice a year that Island Batik sends special boxes to their Island Batik Ambassadors.  These boxes are filled to the brim with wonderful fabrics and things for us to work with the rest of the year.

Here's my new box!  Want to see what's inside?

 Island Batik has solids in black, white and gray.  They sent generously sent us 4 yards of each.  It's great to have these on hand when we want to use them.

These are bundles of Foundation fabrics- Blenders and basics.  These fabrics blend very well with their different collections and are always available.  These bundles blend especially well with the packaged fabrics they sent this time.

 This is a beautiful bundle of 1/4 yd cuts from the Island Batik Sunny Side Up Collection.  It just makes me smile!

They always include one of their Neutral fabrics as they know we use them a lot.  This generous yardage is called Doughnut.

One of my favorite color combinations is in this bundle.  The 2 1/2" strip package is called Crystal Sea.  It came with added yardages in coordinating light and dark blues.  I'm in love!
Aurifil Threads is a partnering company with Island Batiks and sent two lovely threads that compliment this collection.

More and more lovely fabrics!  Here is a package of 10" squares from the collection called Soil and Seeds.  Lovely creams, browns and greens for fall.  They again sent coordinating yardage in a light  cream and dark brown.  Aurifil Thread sent great threads to match.  They think of everything!

Another participating Industry partner is Accuquilt Go!  This time they sent each Ambassador a new BOB die.  These are dies that contain all the pieces to make the block shown on the cover on one die.  This die is the Ohio Star block.  It makes a 12" block.  You'll see this made up in a blog post later this year.

Hobbs batting is another partner and sent us each three different battings to try.  These battings are their Cotton, 100% Wool and Cotton/Wool Blend.  There are so many different battings on the market and it is wonderful to be able to try them out.

Many, many thanks to Island Batik, Aurifil Threads, Accuquilt Go! and Hobbs Batting for sending these supplies.  Every month a blog  post will highlight a project made with these great products.  I'm excited to get started!


  1. Oooh...you received some great fabrics.

  2. Nice box isn't it! This sure feels over the top generous.

  3. to paraphase Dr Suess (oh! the places you will go) Oh! the fun you will have. what a great selection of supplies to spark your creativity.
    Mary E