Monday, July 16, 2018

2nd Island Batik Box Reveal

This is my 5th year as an Island Batik Ambassador.  Each year we receive two boxes of fabric that we use to create a monthly challenge project to post on our blogs.  We receive a box in January and one in July.

The anticipation runs high when a new box is due to come!

Here is the 2nd box I received just last week - so dull on the outside- so beautiful inside!

Let me show you what all was in the box.
First of all two stack packs (10" squares).  One is Vintage Morris - lovely soft greens, tans and muted orange.  Also  Paisley Dot  Brights.  This is an eye popping assortment of bright dotted fabrics.  There was also a strip pack of the collection Lavender Sage.  It's a lovely green/purple/blue and soft yellow mix.  It came with coordinating yardage which is great for borders, backgrounds, and backing.  They really do supply us with about everything we could need!

Aurifil sent a tote celebrating their 10th year in the USA.  Inside was a sample pack of green threads in 8 different contents and weights.  Also a spool of a lovely soft yellow/tan and leaflets on thread info and color charts- so great to have on hand.

Island Batik sent a wonderful Foundation Bundle of 8 different Blenders and Basics fabric that they carry.  This is so wonderful to have when an extra fabric is needed to complete a design.  The colors included are: Large Netting- Pineneedles, Cherio-Iris-BE, Bubbles-Chartreuse-BE, Dandelion-Wisteria-BE, Iris, Kiwi, Geranium, Chameleon.  They also included their solids in Black, White and Gray.  I've used the black and white in projects before.  The black is a true black and I love the solid white.  I look forward to using the gray in the future.

Island Batik sent 3 samples of their Check It Out line.  This is a great collection of checkered fabrics.  If you watch some of the other Ambassadors box reveals on their blogs, you will see many more colors of this collection.  There is also a wonderful 5 yard bundle of a neutral basic. Since we Ambassadors use a lot of these neutrals- they decided to stock us up!  My yardage is called Custard and is a light creamy tan/yellow with a touch a green.  Lovely!

Last, but not least are the lovely battings in the bottom of the box.  Hobbs batting supplied us all with a queen size cotton batting, a throw size wool batting and a throw size wool blend batting!  I have used several of Hobbs battings, but never any of these, so this will be interesting.  What a great way to try something new!  

I forgot to take a photo of the surprise bundle in the box (it's the bright pink package you can see in the box photo above).  This bundle is a collection that won't be released to the public until Quilt Market, so we can't show them yet.  You will see them in January when all the Ambassadors will be involved in a Blog Hop showing off projects with the new fabrics.  

Stay tuned to see many of these fabrics, threads and battings in future posts. You can also look for them and/or request them in your local shops.

Many, many thanks to Island Batik, Aurifil and Hobbs Batting for this great box of inspiration!