Monday, March 19, 2018

Every Quilt Tells A Story

Every quilt tells a story - even a small one.

This quilt was made by Carol Denton.  Carol and I both belong to The Heartland Quilters guild and she showed it at our last meeting.  This little quilt is darling and has a story to tell.  After Carol's husband passed away, she made quilts for her family using lots of his plaid shirts.  The quilts were lovely.  When she had shirt fabric left over, she made pillows for other family members.  When she still had fabric leftover (we're talking pockets and shirt collars), she made this little beauty for herself!

I'm glad Carol had enough fabric for a memory quilt for herself.  I love the heart in the center- that says it all!  Thanks for sharing Carol!

The pattern for this quilt came from my book Little Gems.

The pattern is called Playing With Plaids

Carol turned each of her blocks a different direction which gave her room for the heart in the middle.  Isn't it great to see the design in the lighter, brighter colors!


  1. Yay!!! I bought this book during the sale because I love minis and love paper piecing. This is one of the minis that called out and had me buy the book. So precious to hear her story, too! 💝

  2. This is the quickest pattern- enjoy!