Thursday, September 28, 2017

Back to School Blog Hop - My Day

Today is my day for the Back to School Island Batik Ambassador Blog Hop.  The fabric I'm using for my project is the Sour Apple Collection.  This collection is a nice selection of teal blues, yellows, and an assortment of browns.  The prints range from dots, to eggs, apples, lemons, and even a print with roosters!  These fabrics are in the stores now.

Here is a sample that has squares of each fabric in the collection.

I looked at the fabrics a long time to decide how I would interpret the theme of Back to School. These fabrics have a warm "summery" feel to me.  It made me think of picnics, sunny days and the last days of summer.   When school approaches each year it always makes you want to make the MOST of the last days of summer.  One last picnic, picking the last of the garden, those last days to sit, relax and soak up the sun.

The quilt I made is an original design I call Summer Daze.  I used the word Daze instead of Days because hurrying around and doing all those last activities can put you in sort of a daze until you are all tired out, and ready to settle into school schedules and other Fall activities.

I used all but 5 of the fabrics from the collection in the quilt.  Below is a photo of all the fabrics I used, plus a bright green basic that is on the left.

There is only one more day for the blog hop, so be sure and look over the list below and go back to any blog post that you might have missed

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Island Batik is giving away 3 Fat quarter Bundles from the Captains Anchor, Batiks Go Retro and the Abalone Collections.  Be sure to fill out their raffle copter to enter.

My giveaway is five 1/4 yards of the five fabrics on the Sour Apple Collection that I did not include in the quilt.

These are also beautiful and you can now see the whole collection.  Be sure to leave a comment on what is one of the last things you try to do in the fall before school starts.  USA residents only please.  Winner will be notified after the blog hop ends on Sept 30.  Be sure that I can reach you if you win.


  1. I love quilts with stars and yours is beautiful!

  2. Your quilt is beautiful. I really like the quilting too.
    I don't have any children in school any more and since school starts here in the first week of August, there isn't anything that I really try to do. Thank you for your giveaway.

  3. Your Summer Daze is amazing. Love the pattern and colors. My children are all grown, but we would always try to get to the beach for one last weekend before school started. Thanks for the giveaway, grinnie1961 at gmail dot com

  4. Love the quilt and love the fabrics. I don't have kids in school anymore either, so usually my last things to get done are before it turns cold. I haven't had a garden for a few years, but when I do, that is usually the last outside thing to get done before the quilting hibernation begins. The garden needs to be put to bed for winter and all the produce has to be put up for winter storage. or Whispers of Yore FB page

  5. Awesome quilt! Love the fabrics!! Thank you for sharing! I start getting fire wood together in the fall before school starts. Enjoy your day! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  6. Beautiful quilt! I try to have my grandchildren come and stay with us before school starts back. Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. this quilt is great! love the fabrics

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  9. That's really pretty. I love the mix of colors in this group, and you did an excellent job showcasing them.

  10. Love star quilts! Thank you for sharing. Beautiful colors in the fabric collection. ndfromsd atgmail dotcom

  11. Wow, that a bright and fun quilt. Love that Sour Apple line!

  12. Picnic at Member summer evenings at The Huntington Library in San Marino, California. 11 gardens, library, AND art museums ( home of Pinky and Blue Boy)...yes-even an early American exhibit with QUILTS!!!!

  13. wow your quilt is gorgeous. my kiddos have not been in school for a while now. but when they were one of the last things we did was go shopping. they could each choose (clothes wise) one thing they needed and two things they wanted.
    we would also sit and make individual lists of what each would like for lunches. I would keep these lists on the 'fridge and go off of it until they made there own lunches and then the lists would stay on the 'fridge so they new what they were making for themselves. It was fun teaching them responsibility/fun.
    quilting dash lady at Comcast dot net

  14. Lovely quilt - you are sew creative! Last thing before school is shopping for school supplies!!! mumbird3(at)gmail(dot)com

  15. Your quilt is gorgeous! The last thing I try to do in the fall before school starts is spend time with my granddaughters. susan430 at cox dot net

  16. We try to go out to a park and do a hike or walk before the fall season hits and we get busy.

  17. Love the fabric choices, and the quilt..turned out great. The blackberries ripen here around the start of school and I like to grab whatever child is still around and go blackberry picking. Then there are pies and jam to be made!

  18. I love to go pick apples with my

  19. We go on a camping trip with the kids to see new sights and make new memories before settling down to the school year!

  20. My sister and her grandkids come for a week visit. We hold a grandma camp with all our grandkids and always include various crafts.

  21. I'm an English teacher so I spend most weekends reading essays. so one of the last things I try to before school starts is clean my house so thoroughly that it stays that way until the semester ends. Not very exciting, but it is satisfying! And it frees up some time for sewing! Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt! I love the design and the quilting!

  22. I am retired so it really doesn't matter much to me anymore. Beautiful quilt.

  23. I love your Summer Daze quilt--and the reason for the name. When we lived in the North we loved Indian Summer days to fit more in, now in the South it seems summer never ends and I long for the winters of my childhood.

  24. Yet another great collection of fabrics. I love the bright greens

  25. What a beautiful quilt! The colors are so bright!

  26. Love your quilt! I try to go to the beach for a few days before the end of summer.

  27. Gorgeous fabrics! We try to do one last fun thing with the kids before school starts, like take a day trip somewhere. This year we went to the State Fair for the first time!