Monday, August 14, 2017

August Island Batik Challenge- Quilt As You Go

The Challenge this month for all the Island Batik Ambassadors was to make something using the Quilt As You Go technique.  I had heard of this many years ago, but I was surprised as I looked into it for this challenge, that there are several different techniques now that are called Quilt As You Go.  It is interesting and you can pick and choose which works for you and your project.

I picked out a variety of bright Island Batiks to make a table runner.

I picked out a simple block that had either 3 or 4 pieces and printed out the templates.

This method is really basically stitch and flip.  You cut a backing square and batting square- layer therm and sew the pieces to the top.  Sew and flip, sew and flip.  I found I needed to pin the backing and batting to make sure it didn't slip while handling the block and sewing.

Here's a front and the back of one completed block.

You actually have your quilting all done unless you want to add more.  I added more quilting after the top was finished.

Lay out your blocks into rows

I added the sashing strips- one on top of a block and one on the bottom.

That block is sewn to the next block- by sewing the top sashing to the next block, but not the bottom sashing.  Turn the block over and you can fold over the back sashing and sew it down just like you sew a hem.  You are basically finishing each seam this way.  You sew the individual blocks together, then you can sew a whole row of blocks together the same way.

I don't mind doing some hand sewing like bindings, but this seemed like a lot of tedious sewing...

I did add some simple quilting once the top was together.  I used a lovely Blendable thread from Sulky (4126) that had primary colors for the quilting.  I used a Westalee 12 x 3" straight edge ruler and a 3.5"  Simple Circle ruler from Sew Steady for some of the quilting. These rulers are great and so quick and easy to use!

Once you have the ruler foot for your domestic machine you can use a range of quilting rulers.  I also used a curved ruler from Dusty Farrell called Flourish.  The ruler foot I have for my machine is a low shank foot so I have to use the thinner quilting rulers- 3mm thickness.  I was pleased to find out that Dusty Farrell also makes all his rulers in both sizes.  

Here is my finished runner (33" x 11") - front and back. It's very colorful!  

Close up of quilting.

You might want to give Quilting As You Go a try!


  1. Love it! The colors and quilting is really wonderful.

  2. Such a happy runner. Love the colours.

  3. I luv it! And a great tutorial, so well illustrated and explained. Thanks so much. I have a shirt box full of batiks and can't wait to give it a go.

  4. I love your choice of colors. Thank you for the great tutorial.

  5. Gorgeous table runner. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.