Monday, March 20, 2017

Quilting with Westalee Rulers

I recently was given a fabric panel and made it into a quick quilt.  I decided to try quilting a border using the Multi Arc ruler from Westalee.  This ruler has 6 sizes of half circles, so it will work with a wide variety of border widths.

This ruler is 3mm width and with the special ruler foot from Westalee, I am able to use it with my domestic machine.

I'd never attempted a border treatment with this ruler and it went very smoothly - even for a first time! I thought I'd share a few pointers.

First I lightly marked the arc's on the border with a chalk marker.
I started marking at the corners.  There is a line thru the center of the arc that is easy to line up along the border seams at the corners.

The arc's along the border needed slight adjustments to make it fit the length of the border so in a couple places when I marked to the top of an arc, I slightly moved the ruler then continued marking.  This made the arc slightly longer without a noticeable difference.

I quilted the borders with the Westalee Ruler, using the marked lines for some guidance. Then I marked the second row of arc's matching up the center line with where two arc's met and quilted them.
***If your arc's fit the length of the border, you wouldn't need to mark them***

Here's a  photo of the corner of the quilt.  This made a very nice quilted border.

The Westalee Rulers are sold by Sew Steady in the USA.  Check out their website for the special ruler foot and all the great rulers they have now for domestic machines.


  1. Nicely done Connie! I have used that panel too, taking it apart and making 3 different wall hangings with it.

    1. Oh, I bet that turned out nice! I really liked the print. I just wanted to do something fast, so left the panel whole and added borders.

  2. I don't yet have this ruler, but working on a project that it would also be perfect for the borders. Guess I'm going to have to track down one. Thanks for sharing & inspiring.


    1. You'll need the special ruler foot too. carries the foot and rulers
      I think they are fantastic!