Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy "Gal"entine's day

Have you ever heard of Galentine's Day?  The challenge this week for the Island Batik Ambassadors was to create a Post Card or Mug Rug for Galentine's Day.  I'd never heard of this, so had to do some searching on the internet.  Turns out it is a day to celebrate all of your "Gal"  Friends!  Pretty nice idea.  The day is celebrated on Feb 13.  A time to celebrate all those special women in your life.  I liked this idea!

Okay, I know I used the word "celebrate" several times in the above paragraph, but that is what this is all about!

Island Batik sent each of the Ambassadors a lovely assortment of red and pink batiks to see what we might create with them.  I decided on making coasters with ric rac around the edge.  I'd seen something like this on the internet and wanted to try it.  I also had a "gal" friend that had given me some old ric rac that would work well-isn't that a coincidence!   I created a log cabin block for the base of the block which I paper pieced.

I made four coasters that were pretty quick and easy.  Adding the pretty ric rac was the most time consuming part of the project.  Each one is a little different- just like my friends!

I've already given these coasters to four special ladies to say thanks for being a special part of my life!

Maybe you want to do something special for the "gal" friends in your life today!


  1. The rick rack sure adds a fun touch!

  2. Awesome little project. Love the rick rack

  3. Those are adorable Connie and your gal friends will really enjoy them!

    1. Thanks. Somehow I got the wrong graphic. I see most of the other ladies have Happy Galentines day...

  4. what cute little coasters!! good job. Mary Ebert

  5. Your coasters are so sweet. Love the ric rac trim.

  6. Replies
    1. You're so right. I was lucky to have some on hand.