Monday, April 25, 2016

April Showers

My husband and I spent a few days last week hiking in some of the Indiana State Parks.  I love to see the spring wild flowers.  Above is Toadshade Trillium.

Here is a miniature Dutchman's Breeches.  We saw Trout Lily, Spring Beauties, May Apples,and many more.  April showers do bring April and May flowers!

The Island Batik Ambassadors are creating projects this month with the theme of April Showers.

April Showers
 I wondered what to make as I've been busy with a couple projects that are due next month (you'll see them soon!), and didn't have much time for another project.

I wanted to make something with a flower theme.  Instead of creating something new, I thought about some of my past projects that had flowers.  I decided to take a block from the quilt Garden Stars that was published in the book Amazingly Simple Star Quilts by House of White Birches (now Annie's).

I used the fabrics London Fog that you can find in the store now.  It's a lovely group of soft purples, blues and greens.

Here is my one block quilt- a hot pad! I did reduce the size of the block from 10" to 8".  I used one layer of Insul-Bright batting from The Warm Company and one piece of cotton batting.

 It's a great idea to make hot pads when you want to try out a block, or if there is a block you love all by itself.  They are also great to have on hand for gifts!